What is the Akche project?

#Akche is a digital asset issued under the Waves Platform.

When and how many Akche were issued?

29 Oct 2017 at 19:23 a total of 79.814.871 limited token was issued.

Where can I buy it?

Right now, on Waves Dex and negotiations with global stock exchanges are ongoing.

Imece Platform

The projects will be realized jointly by the power of group and everyone will contribute to the project with their own capacity.

Transparent Platform

Project phases will be in progress transparently. Everyone will be able to attend the discussions and be able to contribute to the conducted projects with their ideas or suggestions.

Financial Support

Angel Investment Foundtions support the project as reputable group of companies that successfully progress hundreds of projects. This support will let Akche accelerate while getting into the Global market.


You can safely conduct your buy and sell orders with the help of decentralized stock market (DEX) that works through blockchain.

Easy to use

You will be easily and quickly conduct all your operations by courtesy of decentralized structure which is brought up into use for platform, stock market and E-Wallet.

Social Platform

Moving from the proposition that "many a little makes a mickle", projects supported by small investments can accumulate high investment thanks to this union.

Limited Supply

Total Akche supply is limited in the market. Thereby the value of Akche will increase according to the supply and demand equilibrium day by day.

Projects Return Value

The Akche's price will increase according to the invested projects successes, therefore more investments will generate more successful projects.

Your Money is Secure

Investments, used to fund projects is backed-by: your money will not disappear, instead it will be more valuable in Back-by system while you are making more investments.

29 October 2017: Akche web site will be publishes and the announcements will be made for social media and digital groups. Same day will be put on the market by BTC, ETH and WAVES parities via Waves platform.
Collecting requisition via Waves Platform and Akche will be offered to public
Akche transactions with Turkish Lira with the help of Digilira gate which will be activated in Waves platform
Project references be obtained, and announcements will be made for the projects that passed the pre-assessment and identifying the dates for public offering
Announcement of Akche digital money that independent from Waves Platform
Publishing Akche desktop and mobile wallet
Test Net of Akche DEX Market
Beta Akche Dex Market and testnet
Will be launched Akche DEX Market, purchasing and selling Akche actively in DEX market
Start of negotiations to list Akche in global stock markets
29 October 2017
Q4 2017
December 2017
Q1-Q2 2018
Q2 2018
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Q4 2018
Smart Contract


Global Exchange


Akche Eco System




Akche Exchange


Akche Wallet


Akche Launch, Verify





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