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About Akche

Akce was the silver currency used among 13rd – 17th centuries. “Akche” is a digital version of Akce which is a blockchain-based digital Akçe..


The phrase “White Akce is for black days” was used at that time to emphasize whiteness and purity because Akce was manufactured by silver. It means to keep your White Akce for Black Days. (Save your money for a rainy day!)

In the digital world, we use the same slogan; White AKCHE is for the black days! (Save your AKCHE for rainy days!)


Crypto currency is a digital currency that uses cryptology science in terms of security and can be referred to as a mathematically encrypted digital asset.

Akche is a crypto asset that can be tracked through Blockchain and recorded all operations in Blockchain.

Processes made in Blockchain cannot be erased and changed backwards. In other words, it is transparent and visible to everyone.

It is not possible to use Akce because it is a special name. Akce's name was chosen as the coin name because it is called akçe in terms of pronunciation easiness and pronunciation in the global markets.

By clicking on "Akche Dex" from the left menu, you can follow the instructions for purchasing Akche step by step. In the meantime, you can easily buy Akche by installing the following applications.


Akche Wallet

Google Chrome

Apple Store

Google Store

Although it is a complex calculation method, simply multiplying the number of circles in the circulation with the current Akche’s price determines the market value of Akche.

Market Cap = Circulating Supply x Market Value

We chose Waves Platform to create Akche because of the ease of use and decentralization from the most available platforms.

Akche is trying to set up his own blockchain in accordance with the road map.

Like all other coins that have recently been on the market, Akche is not a mineable. We are working on a consensus model called Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS). In this model, the ‘masternode‘, which produces the block, is being charged the transaction fees.

In summary, you will get commissions on the transaction fees by renting the Waves on any masternode a wallet. You can cancel any time your rented assets.

Masternode can not use this rented amount at all. Your money’s in control again.

The total number of Akche issued is 79,814,871 units. So it was produced until 2016 Turkey's population, according to TUIK data.It is non-reiussable meand limited production and can not be issued any more.

Akche, is traded in a non-central exchange, DEX (Decentralized Exchange) so the current market price is determined ONLY by the buyers and sellers. That is, supply-demand fluctuations occur in gore prices.

As a legal disclaimer, AKCHE is not an investment tool or an alternative to money! It is the interface that will be used to support Blockchain projects after released of Smart Contracts.

From this link you can see all the information about Akce road map, general information of the project, Akce and the Imece Platform, which can be defined as Crowdfunding.

Akche DEX

1. First we enter Once you have entered the address, ALWAYS check that web address is written correctly and left side: the SSL green mark. There has been a lot of spam sites in recent days, so this should be taken care of very much.

2. If you have already opened Waves Wallet, you must select Import Account to transfer it here. If you choose IMPORT WALLET you need to write your old wallet’s SEEDs.

3. If you choose New Account, it opens a fresh-new wallet. We will continue with this guide by opening a new wallet.

HINT: After importing your wallet, you will get your wallet address immediately after you have downloaded the SEED’s. ALWAYS check your address, make sure it is the same address you opened earlier. Because there is an extra gap between SEEDs, it opens a different address. Be sure that the first letter is not too big and the SEEDs are in the correct order, since there is no space at the end of the SEEDs.

1. When you open a new wallet, carefully read the New Account Alerts and click on the “I read, I understand” link to continue. You will then see the words in the region that write the Wallet Word Group. These are your exclusive SEEDs.

If you lose or share your seeds with someone else, all your money may be lost. Nobody, including our team, can reach your SEED again!

2. You can write a name / code according to your preference when you write ACCOUNT NAME.

3. You should enter characters such as MUST (!? + -%) and a number in place of the PASSWORD, this will increase your wallet security.

4. You must enter the same password as above, at the time of writing the PASSWORD AGAIN.

HINT: Do not panic if you forget your password! If you saved your wallet SEEDs, click REMOVE next to wallet address. Then you can transfer the old account with the previous operations and define the same wallet with the new password. So, the password for the wallets is secondary importance…First your SEEDs.

1. When you enter your wallet, you will see currencies on the first screen. As you can see here the new wallet will show a ZERO balance, because it is a newly created wallet!

2. You can register for Digilira and send TL (WTRY) from there to load wallet money. Since the AKCHE platform requires a 0.01 Waves processing fee for each transfer, at least 0.02 Waves must be found in the wall to be able to process.

3. If you click on the top of your wallet, you can copy your wallet address, beginning with 3P…

HINT: You can register with and transfer money to your account with Digilira.

1. Click here to open Akche DEX, which is like Lightning icon..

2. The first screen comes with the matching AKCHE / WTRY. The part that says AKCHE BUY ORDERS at the bottom left is the amounts entered by those who want to sell AKCHE and buy WTRY.

3. The AKCHE SALES ORDERS written below Buy Orders means those of who have AKCHE in hand and those who want to sell it with WTRY, also you can see the amount of Akche Sales Unit.

HINT: You should always click on ACKHE SALES ORDERS to buy AKCHE, and click on AKCHE BUY ORDERS to sell AKCHE!

1. You can see AKCHE buy orders and AKCHE sale orders on the left.

2. AKCHE buy orders; shows the orders entered by those who want to buy it. Akche prices on first column is the instant purchase price of those who want to buy, also AKCHE units and total number of transactions.

3. AKCHE sales orders; Show the orders entered by those who want to sell Akche. Also shown AKCHE amount and the total number of transactions.

HINT: In this figure, for example there are 24 AKCHEs at the top of AKCHE sales orders, but you want to get 35 units. All you have to do is click on the 24 and manually change the AKCHE AMOUNT to 35.

Now, 24 AKCHE will be sold at the price written there, the remaining amount is entered as AKCHE buy orders. The order also occurs if there are people who want to sell at the same price.

1. If you want to buy AKCHE you need to click on the top part of the place where AKCHE sales orders. TOTAL AKCHE sales amount will be displayed at the place where AKCHE BUY is written next. You can write the amount there manually.

HINT: Please note that in this figures shows 0.00000000 WTRY at the top of AKCHE BUY. This shows your total balance. So if the operation fails, you need to check your balance. There is a minimum 0.001 WAV transaction fee and if your wallet has zero balance, you cant make any transaction!

Again, if you click on your asset balance, you can buy AKCHE as much with your BTC / WAV / ETH / TRY account!

AKCHE will be reflected oin seconds here what amount you bought. On the left side, there is ASSET NAME and the balance of your asset.

You can also see the balance of your other coins in this area.

The negotiations with the Global Borsas are continuing. We still need some time and volume to be new. Over time, we will be taking part in global stock exchanges.

For now, you can do any kind of transaction through Akche Dex.

Because Akche is traded on a decentralized stock exchange, those who want to buy or sell Akche may enter the stock market for an instant price. So prices changeable. You can get instant price information in USD by clicking Akche Market Cap link.

If you get an error message while processing, there may be several reasons for this. Here below, some common examples:

  1. I can not process / get error message?

    If you have just opened the wallet, you will not be able to process your account. You MUST have at least 0.001 WAV in the wallet to be able to process, to buy or to send your coins.

  2. I have BTC in my wallet, but I can not trade?

    The DEX platform requires a minimum of 0.001 WAV for each operation, 0.003 WAV for transaction. Check your WAVES balance if you failed to buy Akche, even though there are enough ETH, BTC… in your wallet.

  3. I have more crypto in my wallet, but showing my balance less?

    This might cause by an Open Buy Order that you put before in any coin. Check Open Buy Orders section. If there is a buy order standing ON, you must cancel it, then your actual amount will be reflected to your balance.

  1. When you open your wallet, keep the SEEDs in a safe place carefully. If you lose them, you will never have a chance to reach your wallet. No one has access to this information.
  2. When trading in the DEX, you MUST check each transaction at least twice. On buy or sell confirmation section please check again. It is absolutely impossible to undo a faulty operation. For example, if you send your coin to a wrong address, nobody can get it back. Likewise, if you make a purchase at the wrong price, you can not get it back!
  3. Every time you buy and sell, you need to take attention to the numbers and pay also maximum attention to the amounts. You may lose money due to a wrong amount and unfortunately there is no chance of getting it back.
  4. You need to be very careful when making copy-paste your wallet addresses. Recently, some viruses are entering their address instead of the copied address, and the money you send goes to a different address! For this reason, check the address again before pressing the Send button.
  5. Especially in Google searches, some spam sites may have been at the top in search results. NEVER click on these sites. You only have to use wallets through the official sites and be careful for the the SSL sign next to the address bar. You can lose all your money with the fraud websites called pishing!
  6. You can see announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram such as “Free Bitcoin” who all trying to seize the address of your wallet. There are also some sites that seem to be WavesPlatform wallets. You will lose all your money if you put your SEEDs there. NEVER write your Seeds except approved sites. Do not send your SEEDs to anyone, do not share them. Someone who seized SEEDs can access your wallet.
  7. Prices may change instantly because Akche prices are traded on DEX, ie, in a decentralized stock exchange. You can see the latest price by opening the wallet. Prices on the websites or in different places may not be up to date.
  8. DEX Exchanges  determine the prices buyers and sellers only, no external intervention. For example if you want to buy 1 Akche for 1 WAV you enter this price. It is bought with the price if any buyer thinks fit. Someone who has a cheaper price than you can handle, and the coin in his hand is sold before. DEX is free to put into buy or sell orders that wish to wish without a center.
  9. DEX prices can be much lower or higher than normal market prices. Check prices on different sites before buying and selling. Use currency converter tools for the parity and coin pairs.
  10. As a legal disclaimer, Akche is not an investment tool or an alternative to the money as we are constantly making announcements on our website and social media! The information, figures or indicators contained on our website can not be perceived or used as investment advice. No one, including the Akche Team, can determine, predict or advise the future price of Akche. Never believe in such suggestions or predictions!
Project Crowdfunding

You can send us your project from this link.

The only limitation is that the progeny is a business model that disseminates Blockchain technology, and Blockchain is an initiative / software / idea. Apart from this, no conditions such as age, sex, experience etc. will be sought in the project owners.

All approved projects will be funded by Akche Coin, which means that the project owners will convince their teammate, for example, to coin the payoff. In this sense, physical payments will not be made to project owners in the first place. In this model, which is also suitable for the blockbincounty, it is firstly expected that the project owner will believe in the blockzinciri / cryptocurrency business model.

When the project is successful, the coin market value will rise and there will be a serious gain from there. In addition, when the use area of coin becomes widespread, project owners will be able to sell their coin in the market and turn it into money.

All projects, collected and pre-approved through the Imece Channel will be announced on our forum page to discuss. Separate public offerings are made for each approved project.

During the public offering period, the project owners will answer all questions coming from the forum members, budget will be questioned and the works to be done will be analyzed. According to the agreement reached at the end of the public offering, this project will be voted on in the council of advisors and the project will be decided according to the result of voting.

In approved projects and funded projects, the company owns 20%; 40% of the project owner and the remaining 40% will be distributed to investors in the market. In this way, no joint project will be able to have full authority and authority. Akche investors who believe in the project will be 40% shareholders. In other words, everyone who invests in Akche will be the digital partner of the project as much as he invests. At the end of the project, Akche will gain as much as his share.

All physical money from investors will be transparently posted on the company website at BTC / ETH / WAV on a daily basis. Anyone who desires will be able to monitor the real market value of the entire asset of the company from there.

The amount of money invested in the company will remain at the company’s premises, and according to the company’s contract, it will not be able to withdraw, use or spend it unless there is an extraordinary situation or unusual development.

*** Example of extraordinary development: court decision

First of all, this is not an investment tool or a monetization platform, but a project that supports initiatives and calls you to be part of that support.

You will co-operate with a project approved by Consultants to earn money from the projects, and you must help the promotions so that the project you are supporting is successful. Because the success of the project will be your success.

When the projects pass the tests successfully, you will earn over Akche + market value you invest.

In projects to be funded, digital assets will be allocated according to the following.

  • 40% Project owner
  • 40% Market
  • 20% Akche Soft
Imece Platform

It is a form of traditional cooperation in the countryside, based on the co-ordination and sequential execution of common or personal affairs.

The mule is often used in situations where a family can not do it alone, and where there is a risk of a delay.

The number of participants varies depending on the locality, time and work. Bulgur pull and dowry prepare young women, young women in work-based jobs like harvesting, bulgur tattoos, road and grove work, and experienced women in winter food preparation. The immece is announced by the village elder and the elderly council a few days in advance, and it is expected that one person from each family should absolutely join imece. It is seen as a great shame among the peasants not to participate in impeachment without excuse. Working in the common property of the village is considered to be unheard of seeing the affairs of very old and homeless neighbors; It is imperative that everyone who is invited to participate in this imece.

  • The projects that reach Akche Soft company through preliminary inspection, technical examination and financial review, will be forwarded to the fund pool where funding what they consider appropriate (all rights of the projects are protected, unapproved projects are not shared with the 3rd parties!)

  • If the project receives X / 40 TL support, the remaining amount will be covered by Angel Investor.

  • For Project Project Company Structure (40% for the project owner or team, 40% for the Akche owners to represent Akche owners, and 20% for the Angel investor) . Company establishment, trademark registration, patent applications etc. the project deals with the project owner.

  • The project gets the owner’s fund, the angel starts to get mentor from the investor. The project owner only takes care of the project and focuses on developing the project.

  • The company discloses financial data on a periodic basis. If profits are made, 40% profit share is paid to Akche owners who have invested in the project as Akche. (Assets for the project will now be viewed on the Waves platform, as each asset will be generated for each project.) After the third quarter of 2018, Akche will continue to be traded on its own stock exchange. exchange with new digital money)
Akche Soft

This project, whose details are given in the IPO page with an embedded software company in Turkey, has supported a very project in the world and in Turkey as well-known American origin, a Turkish-American investment firm, supported by companies such as a well-known IT law firm for legal proceedings. The founding partners of the project are well-known companies.

Here you can find all the details about the Akche Team on our website.

As explained on the web page, the Company will income from the sale of the Akche, commission from the transfer between the members and the first deposit commission.


No. Anyone who wants to sell products related to blockchain or virtual money in the market can sell products. You can see the seller in the product context. For products purchased from the market, the payment is not delivered to the seller until the buyer confirms the order.

You can contact us through our communication section or contact via our Telegram.

The product prices are set directly by the seller.

Yeah. The products are not listed unless the administrator has approved the product attachments and edits.

Shipping charges are determined by the seller. Some products are free shipping while some do not include shipping cost. Fees are added to the shipping fee payment page.

Some products have process time as stated in the explanations. However, the products excluding in the category of clothing that pre-ordered, are shipping next day.

You can report the situation by contacting us or use our Telegram channel. Yet, depending on the seller you may have to pay the extra shipping fee.